• Lease Plans

    Hunt Commercial is able to assist clients with their Land Registry Compliant Lease plans.

    Lease and title plans are required when buying, selling and leasing properties. These plans are kept on record by the Land Registry. It is important that these plans are good quality and clear on registration submission otherwise the Land Registry will refuse them, making the registration process longer. With any lease or deed plan it is important that the property and its surroundings are identified clearly as they play a crucial role in identifying and assisting with any boundary issues further down the line should a dispute arise.


    Types of Plans

    Title Plans

    Title plans are needed when any type of land is to be transferred.

    A title plans will generally show the extent of the property, surrounding areas, address and orientation of the property; it may also highlight any rights of ways or easements.

    Lease Plans

    These are typically used for properties whereby a lease is being taken out on a property, the lease plan will highlight the area that is being leased along with any access to external areas or parking spaces.

    Typical example of a lease plan.


    Lease Plan Process

    Step 1 – Call 01323 700100 for a free lease plan quotation.

    Step 2 – Confirm your acceptance of fee quotation.

    Step 3 – We will arrange for access to survey the proposed site.

    Step 4 – Survey is drawn up for Land Registry compliance & OS extract added.

    Step 5 – Emailed copy of draft plan sent out to client for approval.

    Step 6 – Any final changes then distribution of emailed or paper copies of plans.


    If you have any questions or require a quotation then please give us a call or contact Johanna at johanna@huntcommercial.co.uk