• Dispute Advisory and Claim Support

    Hunt Commercial strives to help clients avoid and resolve disputes. However, should a dispute arise, or is likely to arise, our professional and experienced team are able to advise our clients, helping them to avoid long and costly resolution processes.

    Advantages of Independent Dispute Advice

    Independent experts can offer an unbiased evaluation of the situation giving objective analysis as well as recommendations on ways to resolve the dispute. Hunt Commercial specialise in analysing all dispute issues, including overruns, delay, cost escalations, damages counter-clams, party wall issues, risk identification and mitigation.

    The areas of focus can be broadly split into:

    Cost Overrun and Delay Analysis

    With many years of experience, Hunt Commercial can offer advice on managing project finances from cradle to grave. We routinely evaluate prolongation costs, entitlements to additional costs, consequential damages, or cost escalation.

    Contract Advisory Services

    Hunt Commercial specialise in helping clients identify and avoid risks when procuring contracts and managing contract changes. We are fully knowledgeable and understand the best procurement strategies. We can help clients draw up contracts and agreements with focus on the client’s goals and aspirations for the project. 

    In addition to the above, we are also able to advise on project management, construction oversight, inspection and contract administration.

    Other Dispute Services

    Other services offered by Hunt Commercial include:

    • Delay & disruption
    • Quantum loss assessment and adjustment
    • CM standard of care
    • Construction defects
    • Loss assessing and adjusting
    • Building defect surveys

    For further information, please do contact us on 01323 700100 or info@huntcommercial.co.uk.