• Land Registry Plans

    Hunt Commercial is able to assist clients with their Land Registry Compliant plans as well as offering a diverse range of services utilising specialist mapping systems and AutoCAD for professional 2D and 3D designs.

    Lease and title plans are required when buying, selling and leasing both residential and commercial properties. These plans are kept on record by the Land Registry. It is important that these plans are good quality and clear on registration submission otherwise the Land Registry will refuse them, making the registration process longer.

    Services Offered:

    ♦ Laser measurement to RICS Code of Measuring Standards

    ♦ Specialist Mapping Systems

    ♦ AutoCAD software

    ♦ Fast turnaround

    Need a Land Registry compliant plan?

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    Types of Plans

    Title Plans

    Title plans are needed when any type of land is to be transferred.

    A title plans will generally show the extent of the property, surrounding areas, address and orientation of the property; it may also highlight any rights of ways or easements.

    Lease Plans

    These are typically used for properties whereby a lease is being taken out on a property, the lease plan will highlight the area that is being leased along with any access to external areas or parking spaces.


    Case Studies:

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