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        Commercial Property Rent Reviews

        There are numerous areas which need careful thought and negotiation when leasing a commercial property. The lease documents govern the relationship between landlord and tenant, sometimes for a considerable length of time. The rent review provision is one of the more complex lease provisions. As a result both landlords and tenants have spent considerable time and expense settling disputes surrounding the amount of rent due at various stages of the lease.

        To avoid this, Hunt Commercial strongly advises both landlords and tenants to ensure they fully understand the rent review provision prior to signing up to the commitment. The rent review provision should be carefully negotiated.

        Hunt Commercial is extremely experienced in this area and would be delighted to assist either a landlord or a tenant whether they are about to enter into a new lease or have an existing lease with a pending rent review. 

        Commercial Property Disputes

        Hunt Commercial works closely with commercial property landlords, tenants and property developers to resolve a variety of property related issues.

        It is possible for any business owning or occupying a commercial property to encounter complex issues at any stage of the cycle. For example, at lease end (or close to), lease renewal and/or rent review. By seeking assistance and advice from Hunt Commercial these potential issues can often be resolved without unnecessary expense and disruption.

        Hunt Commercial has experience in rectifying numerous property related disputes, such as:

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