Commercial and Contract Administration

Contract Administration including:

Cost Management

Hunt Building Surveying provides our clients with bespoke cost, planning and programme management advice. Offering reassurance to our clients about the viability and profitability of their projects.

Pre-acquisition, our experienced team is able to offer quick and informed recommendations concerning the feasibility and risks of a proposed development. Throughout the construction stage of the project, Hunt Building Surveying is able to manage the timeframes, costs and the supply chain, helping the client maximise their return on investment. The team draws on years of experience and a broad technical knowledge base to allow us to offer services resulting in efficient project delivery.

Combining Hunt Building Surveying’s cost management expertise with the wider team’s detailed market and construction knowledge allows us to offer clients an informed evaluation of the project, increasing the value of the project and / or asset. We are able to offer bespoke modelling and benchmarking, striving to reduce waste throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Hunt Building Surveying prides itself in working hard to understand our client’s aspirations and risk profile. Our dedicated team work proactively with all our clients to ensure successful project outcomes.

The services we offer can be broadly split into:


In the knowledge that decisions need to be made quickly at this stage of the process, often with limited or incomplete information, our team is able to assess the viability, cost and potential returns on investment.


Hunt Building Surveying offer support throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our team’s impartial advice and knowledge helps protect the client’s interests in areas such as:

  • Contractual conditions and terms.
  • Timeframe management.
  • Procurement process advise and strategy.
  • Procurement management.
  • Active budget management.

Project Controls

In order for projects to be completed on time and budget, Hunt Building Surveying offers a wide range of project control and contract administration services.

Our team simplifies the project process, however complex, by integrating the different aspects of the project cycle (including: budget, timeframe, risks, project aim etc). Using this method, Hunt Building Surveying improve the efficiency of the programme and thereby the project itself. The advantages are as follows:

  • Improved efficiency;
  • reduced set-up costs;
  • consistent approach;
  • enhanced predictability of cost; and
  • project flexibility.

Benchmarking and Auditing

Hunt Building Surveying’s project specific benchmarking processes help risk identification and management. Our service enables our team to work with the client to ensure costs are contained, timeframes met and decisions made. In addition to benchmarking, our team offers an auditing service. The service is an independent and detailed examination of all data provided to ensure targets are adhered to.

The initial steps when Hunt Building Surveying is instructed by a client include:

  • Analyse all the information available.
  • Create budget and timetable for the entire project lifecycle.
  • Work with all stakeholders involved.
  • Offer advice and direction during the construction process.

Construction Begins:

Once the initial steps have been completed and the project is ready to move onto the next stage, our team’s role changes to focus more on the following:

  • Analyse and forecast likely expenditure and associated risks; and
  • Monitoring and / or managing projects.

Continuous Improvement:

Our team’s experience allows us to test, analyse and validate ongoing strategies. Offering this service to clients enables us to work together setting targets for continuous improvement.

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